Kick-off meeting in Stockholm
22–23 September 2015

Trash 2 Cash, Kick-off meeting in Stockholm

There are 18 partners involved in the Trash-2-Cash (T2C) project, so it’s important we gather periodically for workshops to take advantage of the vast knowledge of the group. SP in Stockholm hosted the very first workshop on 22 and 23 September, where we talked about all of our different roles and the importance of a coherent approach for the next three and a half years of T2C...

The consortium includes raw material suppliers, material developers, designers and manufacturers who are all very keen to explore the innovation process through a design driven approach.

Despite being separated by country borders, belonging to different sectors and having different skillsets what we all have in common is our enthusiasm to share knowledge.

At the meeting designers explained to chemists the business logic of designing for sustainability, and chemists explained to designers the intricacies of the regeneration process for fibres. We asked, how can our skills come together to produce something truly innovative?

But there were also challenges raised in the workshop...

For example, designers usually need (or want) to feel the materials they’re designing with. But what happens when the material doesn’t exist yet, or it’s only being produced in small quantities in a laboratory? Can fabric characteristics be effectively summarised and communicated to a designer via a spreadsheet?

That’s just one of the challenges that we’re looking forward to exploring within the T2C project.