Work Package 6

WP6 aims to create complete value chains and viable business models from the individual processes pioneered in the T2C project to enable the shift from pilot-scale project to industrial-scale production.

The evaluation will therefore take into account reproducibility, quality assurance, cost effectiveness, environmental performance (incorporating LCA and LCC analyses) and consumer potential.

New supply chain concepts and business models will be generated to ensure the T2C project results are accessible to EU creative sector enterprises.

Work Package Leaders

Wenke Gwozdz

Wencke is Associate Professor in Transformative Consumer Behaviour and Sustainability at Copenhagen Business School’s Centre of Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR) within the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (ICM).

She has a doctoral degree in Economics and Social Sciences from University of Hohenheim (Germany). She is a member of the new research initiative Governing Responsible Business at ICM/cbsCSR which has been selected as one of two new CBS World Class Research Environments Programme for 2014-2018.

As a consumer researcher, Wencke’s main focus is on sustainable consumption, health behaviour and consumer policy, and in particular fashion consumption, wellbeing and obesity. She is involved in EU-research projects on healthy eating and, in particular on decision-making in food choice: in I.Family she is co-chair of WP8 Consumer awareness, ethical acceptability and policy implications and is a senior researcher for Nudge-It.

She is also Leader for Theme 3 of the MISTRA Future Fashion Programme in Sweden.