Trash-2-Cash research @ Circular Transitions conference 23 – 24 November

Trash 2 Cash, Trash-2-Cash research @ Circular Transitions conference 23 – 24 November

This autumn marks the introduction of the international Circular Transitions conference, focusing on textile design and the circular economy. The conference coincides with the 6th T2C workshop and provides a unique opportunity for the first findings to be presented to a design audience. 

The contribution from Trash-2-Cash researchers demonstrates the diverse range of topics being investigated around the idea of ‘developing circular materials’.


Dr Rosie Hornbuckle, UAL; Helena Wedin, SP; Lucija Kobal, Tekstina; Martin Krečič, Tekstina; Pailak Mzikian, SOEX; Vittoria Troppenz, SOEX; Micol Costi, Material ConneXion
A sample box containing 112 textile samples (90 material types - 76 blends and 14 pure fibres) collected from 1 tonne of textile waste will be presented alongside key results from work package 4 of Trash-2-Cash. The exhibit shows the unique challenge of textile waste for textile recycler SOEX and also the great opportunity for regenerating cellulosic fibres from mixed cotton waste.  

Silent Shirt
Prof Rebecca Earley & Trash-2-Cash partners
Practising collaboration through making, Trash-2-Cash partners will be invited to co-create an upcycled shirt during workshop 6 which will then be exhibited within the Circular Transitions exhibition.


What Else do we know? Exploring the application of design knowledge and skills for the circular economy beyond materials selection and design for production
Dr Rosie Hornbuckle (University of the Arts, London)

Can Design-Driven Material Innovation also drive circularity?
Marjaana Tanttu, Dr Cindy Kohtala & Prof. Kirsi Niinimäki  (Aalto Arts)      

Colours in Circular Economy
Dr Elina Ilén, Prof Herbert Sixta, Dr Michael Hummel, Prof. Kirsi Niinimäki (Aalto Arts & Aalto Chem)

Whole Circles: design research leadership for the circular economy
Prof Rebecca Earley (University of the Arts London)