Work Package 5

WP5 will combine all of the knowledge gained in WP1, 2 & 3 to develop Prototypes during the Application and Refinement Cycles. This will involve testing the polyester and cellulose fibres in order to create guidelines for further processing into woven, knitted and non-woven textiles.

With input from the design team, finishing treatments will be tried and tested against the required materials characteristics, and determined by each application sector (clothing, interiors, technical textiles etc.). Characteristics such as durability, wettability, look and feel, adhesion of colours, textures, coatings, resistance to washing and other operative cycles will be explored and tested as well as weaving, knitting and non-woven processes.

The composites developed for car interiors will also undergo an iterative cycle of exploring and testing manufacturing processes (pelletising, thermo-forming and injection moulding).

This continuous process of testing and fine-tuning manufacturing techniques will result in the Refinement Prototypes ready for final showcasing and dissemination.

Work Package Leaders

Nerea Markaide

Nerea is a researcher in the area of New Materials at CIDETEC, working on the processing and characterization of composites with tailored properties.

She has an M.Sc. Technical Industrial Engineering in Chemistry degree (1990), an M.Sc. in Industrial Environmental Management (1994) and a B.Sc. in Engineering in Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country (2013). As a Researcher in Composite Materials she has 22 years experience leading and participating in private, national and European projects mainly related to thermoset matrix (nano) composite materials and their processes.

She also worked for 3 years as Senior Engineer in a company dedicated to the manufacture of wind turbines, working within the Materials Division, Composite Department. She is co-author of 16 scientific papers and articles relating to (nano)composite technology for space, naval, aircraft, and railway.