Work Package 4

Aside from the main efforts in design, materials R&D and developing new products, WP4 will take on the important challenge of improving the quality of waste material streams for the T2C project.

Over time cellulose and polyester fibres decrease in quality, therefore the aim is to simulate methods of fractionating the waste textile fibres into groups depending on their quality from high to low.  With input from designers, the team will then be able to ascertain whether the quality of the materials is sufficient to fulfill the materials characteristics defined in WP1 & WP3.

In addition automatic sorting technologies will be investigated to further improve the quality of the waste streams for T2C.   

Work Package Leaders

Helena Wedin

Helena has been a research scientist at SP since 2014.

She has expertise in cold caustic cellulose dissolution and characterization, as well as chemical and enzymatic treatments of pulp and textiles. Previously Helena has been working for Re:newcell, a start-up company in the textile recycling field.