Work Package 3

In WP3 the design team will respond to insights from market analysis and materials R&D to develop design briefs across the main application sectors: Fashion Clothing, Car Interiors and Technical Textiles.

The process will involve the development of product scenarios enabling designers to fully explore and describe product lifecycle phases and attributes.  Detailed lifecycle maps will enable the ongoing iterative process of redefining and developing material characteristics to be as effective as possible for their intended use. 

This iterative process of knowledge exchange between science, technology, consumer research, user experience, and design development will be also be captured, monitored and analyzed towards the formation of new knowledge around collaborative design methodologies.

Work Package Leaders

Kirsi Ninimäki

Kirsi is a Post-Doctoral Researcher and Associate Professor in Fashion Research at Aalto Arts.

She is also team leader for the Fashion/Textiles Futures research group and has a broad publication experience. Her research interests are sustainable fashion and textile design, strategic sustainable design, the circular economy and redirective design leading to sustainable consumption.

Kirsi has been collaborating with industry for several years and has wide international experience in design and research fields.