Work Package 2

WP2 has one main purpose - to begin the scientific and technological challenge of developing new regenerated fibres from unsorted waste materials.

This will involve the collection of raw materials (cotton, polyester and blended textile waste as well as paperboard waste) and preparation of fractions to further processing.  Innovative methods of separating cellulose and polyester-based textiles by means of advanced dissolving technologies will be utilised.  Design input from WP1 and WP3 will provide material specifications in an iterative manner in order to continuously adapt the processes to meet design requirements.

This extensive work will culminate in the production of regenerated polyester yarns or pellets and cellulose fibres which will constitute the prototypes to feed into the Application Cycle.

Work Package Leaders

Ali Harlin

Ali is a material scientist and research professor in the field of Bio-Economy at VTT, where his responsibilities include bio-based materials and their industrial application.

His group is developing new methods to target the industrial application of materials produced using renewable raw materials, to generate new sustainable value chains and to reduce our carbon footprint and dependency on oil. He is adjacent professor in Tampere and Lappeenranta University of Technology and Principle Researcher on a national project concerned with the Design-Driven World of Cellulose.

He has been leading industrial biomaterials programs at the Finish Academy Centre of Excellence as well being a key partner in POPROK and BIOREGS Academy research schools and the VTT graduate school. Ali has authored more than 50 scientific articles and registered 20 patents.